The “Products” category features new satellite products processed by ICARE, along with new data sets or new versions collected from other data providers.

Release of CALIOP V4 Level-1 Product

The Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) at NASA Langley Research Center in collaboration with the CALIPSO mission team announces the release of the following standard data product: CAL_LID_L1-Standard-V4-00This updated version of the CALIOP Level-1 data product substantially improves both the 532nm and 1064nm calibration accuracies. Changes to the calibration techniques were firmly rooted by a thoroughly […]


SEV06-CLD MODIS-like SEVIRI cloud product

A beta version of a new SEVIRI cloud product has been released for evaluation purposes and is available through ICARE web site. Registered ICARE users can request access permission to the data sets to Other interested users can register here, specifying “access to MODIS-like beta SEVIRI cloud products” in the description field of the registration […]


Megha-Tropiques SAPHIR (UTH) and ScaRaB (Radiances, Flux and Albedo) products

ICARE processes SAPHIR and ScaRaB Level-2 products from the beginning of the mission in late 2011 to present. Three products are available: SAPHIR L2-UTH, ScaRaB L2-FLUX and ScaRaB L2B-FLUX. These products are available through the Web Catalogue , the Web Archive Interface and the FTP server under SAPHIR and ScaRaB. The segment-wise SAPHIR and ScaRaB […]


Envisat/MERIS Aerosol over ocean: ALAMO

ICARE routinely generates aerosol products over ocean using a code developed by HYGEOS. A level-2 and a level-3 (Daily) Aerosol Optical Depth and Angstrom Exponent over Ocean are generated at the native spatial resolution (“Reduced Resolution” 1 km) and is available over the sensor lifespan (2002-2012). This product can be accessed through the Web Catalogue, the Web […]


MSG/SEVIRI Aerosol over land SMAOL

ICARE routinely generates aerosol products over land (aerosol optical depth at 630 nm and Angstrom Exponent) using a code developed by HYGEOS. The product is generated at the native SEVIRI spatial and temporal resolution (3 km at nadir and 15 min) and is currently available 8 days after data acquisition.This product can be accessed through […]


Ground-based observations

Since 2012, ICARE activities related to ground-based and in-situ observations have steadily increased. ICARE works with numerous French laboratories and observatories on French projects: ORAURE (aerosol, cloud), ROSEA (water vapor and precipitation), IAOOS (arctic aerosol), CaPPA (aerosol) and with a consortium of 28 European partners on the European projects ACTRIS (aerosol, cloud). ICARE currently collects, […]


Daily global gridded products

ICARE generates several satellite products in HDF format on a regular grid to facilitate data inter-comparison. Two resolutions, a coarse (0.5 degree) and a fine (0.1 or 0.05 degree) are provided for: PARASOL aerosol over ocean, over land, and global (resolution: 2880×1440 and 720×360; period: 20050304-20131010) Aqua/MODIS aerosol (resolution: 0.1 and 0.5 deg; period: 2005-present) […]