hdfcpp: High level C++ library
for reading HDF4...

Language/Sofware: C++
Application type(s): Data Read/Write
Related project(s): CALIPSO, GLAS, GOES, METEOSAT, MODIS, MSG, Megha-Tropiques, PARASOL, POLDER
This library is a high level C++ wrapper for manipulating the HDF4 files in an object oriented way
Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (LOA), Nicolas Pascal (ICARE)

VISU GLAS: Visualisation of
GLAS data and produ...

Language/Sofware: IDL
Application type(s): Visualization
Related project(s): GLAS
Tool for visualising several GLAS ( Geoscience Laser Altimeter System ) data products through a graphic interface. Allows geographical selection, thresholding, export to images…
Author(s): Bruno Six (ICARE)