The role of ICARE’s Data and Services Center in the CALIPSO mission is categorized into 3 responsabilities:

  • Operationalize and maintain the IIR Level-2 processing code
    running at NASA/LARC, based on the algorithm developped by the IPSL/SA
    (Institut Pierre et Simon Laplace / Service d’Aéronomie)
  • Provide CALIPSO data along with other coincident data sets from various sources to the ICARE community
  • Develop specific browse imagery, custom interfaces, and specific tools, for ICARE applications
Brightness Temperature at 12.05µm of 2006/08
Mean Brightness Temperature Product from 2006/08 for the IIR 12µm channel

1 Product documentation

Latest release can be downloaded on the NASA Langley CALIPSO website in the Data Product Catalog section

2 Data access