Calxtract is an application that extracts some variables issued of different sensors (CALIOP, IIR, MODIS, PARASOL, CLOUDSAT, and more in the future) with pixels in coincidence with the CALIOP measurements either at 333m or 5km horizontal resolution.
The products issued of this application are named « caltrack » files.

Latest News

  • 31/08/09 : [UPDATE] Some new variables have been added in MYD06 and PARASOL RB2 unit products since version 0.6.5. Documentation and caltrack reader library have also been updated to reflect those changes.
  • 10/08/08 : Support of OMI’s CLDO2, NO2 and CLDRR unit products have also been added
  • 01/04/08 : Support of products MODIS MYD04, MYD05 ; PARASOL LS2, OC2 ; CLOUDSAT 1B-CPR have been added.
  • 29/02/08 : A page describing a library for reading the HDF files in many langages has been added here
  • 14/02/08 : Whole refundation of the website to match the graphical chart of the Icare website. Still under construction
  • 16/05/07 : variables issued of CLOUDSAT files have been added. Website and documentation have been updated to reflect those changes
  • 15/03/07 : a BETA version of CALXTRACT products is available
  • 05/05/06 : a example of output file added ; documentation added
  • 05/03/06 : creation of the website