Important notice

At this stage, the SEV06-CLD product has undergone low-level validation consisting mostly of checks for internal consistency. The product also benefits from the longer-term validation and evaluation of its MODIS counterpart. However, no further investigation has been performed in terms of validity regarding spurious biases or trends that could be caused by the wider range of solar zenith and view zenith angles, coarser spatial resolution and the typically wider spectral channels (especially in the shortwave-infrared). Also, slight contamination by sunglint appears as a potential source of spurious diurnal trend for the retrieved optical properties over the main region of potential interest that constitutes the southern Atlantic ocean.

We emphasize that this public beta release shall only serve as a test-bed for users who might be interested in conducting research studies using the SEV06-CLD products once these have undergone a more complete evaluation and validation process. This release shall not be used for research purposes at this stage and no scientific publication should be attempted from this early release dataset. For these reasons, only a limited half-hour temporal resolution (instead of the native 15 min resolution) is being made available publicly. Finer time resolutions could be processed and made available on request for targeted studies and evaluations aimed at providing feedback regarding the quality of the current products.

It is therefore requested that any issues with this product be promptly reported as it will help diagnose undetected problems and eventually result in a faster release of science quality products.

Product description

Follow the link for a description of a seviri cloud product v1.03 : SEV06 cloud product document.
You can see below some examples of a seviri cloud product properties :

File Naming Convention

Please note we are going to update the file naming convention for the SEVIRI cloud product.




<YYYY-MM-DDThh-mm-ss> = date of the first record :Year,Month,Day,hour,minute,second

V<X-XX> = product version

<extension> = file extension

example : SEV_06-CLD-L2_2009-08-17T12-00-00_V1-03.hdf

Data Archive and Availability

Users can obtain the product for analysis and evaluation from the ICARE data center by registering at, in the menu Data Access at User Registration. It is strongly suggested that users specify access to MODIS-like beta SEVIRI cloud products in the Short description of your project field of registration form in order for access permissions to be set optimally. The account will be activated promptly. After that, users can access the data via:

ICARE web site:  in the menu « Data access », choose Data Archive => GEO => MSG+0000 => SEV_06-CLD-L2.v1.03

ICARE ftp site: with their registered login/password, users can connect to the server The SEVIRI cloud products are stored in the directory « /SPACEBORNE/GEO/MSG+0000/SEV_06-CLD-L2.v1.03 ».

NOTE : SEV06-CLD V1.02 data from June to September 2008 and 2009 are currently available in the ICARE archive. Production for SEV06-CLD V1.03 is ongoing from June 2008 to December 2009 and should be the preferred source for new users as version 1.02 will be obsoleted rapidly as version 1.03 is being produced. A more systematic processing of the longer archive will be made once sufficient evaluation has been performed and feedback from users has been obtained. Again, prompt feedback on any issues or concerns related to the use, interpretation or identification of spurious product biases or trends is highly encouraged and will result in a faster release of a scientifically usable first version of the SEV06-CLD product.