ARTDECO (Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Database for Earth Climate Observation) is a numerical tool that gathers several models and data for the simulation of Earth atmosphere radiances and radiative fluxes as observed with passive sensors (hyperspectral excluded) in the UV to thermal IR range.

In ARTDECO, users can either access a library of predefined conditions (atmosphere profile, surface, aerosol and cloud description, filter transmission, etc.) or use their own description through ASCII input files. User-defined aerosol and cloud properties can be computed. Users can choose among available models (several methods for the truncation of the phase function, several 1D radiative transfer equation solver) to compute radiative quantities corresponding to the scene. This software package is especially powerful to study and optimize performances of different methodologies to model radiative quantities corresponding to a given scene (Compiègne et al., 2013).

The scientific numeric core of ARTDECO is written in Fortran90. The configuration files and the main driver are written in python and libraries are in ASCII format, leading to a very high flexibility and portability.

Version pdf : Poster-ARTDECO-IRS16.pdf