The main variable of this product is a features categorisation mask, with :

  • a vertical resolution of 60m between [ -1.02 km , 25.08 km ]
  • colocated with the CLOUDSAT footprints ( ~1.1 km )

It also contains many variables extracted from the CALIPSO and CLOUDSAT products, sampled or interpolated to the DARDAR resolution.

Browse of the DARDAR-MASK simplified categorisation – Orbit subset

data content

ProductParametresDetailed content
DARDAR-MASK – Cloud and Aerosols advanced Feature Mask
– Simplified categorisation
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Some of the variables are stored as integers for saving disk space. For each variable, the user will find 2 standard SDS attributes called « scale_factor » and « add_offset ». Most of time, the standard HDF formula for scaling raw file values to physical ones is used :

science_value = ( raw_value – add_offset ) * scale_factor

Nevertheless, when a non standard scaling equation is used, this will be specified in a SDS attribute called « scaling_equation ».