The DARDAR MASK product ( raDAR/liDAR MASK ) contains a radar-lidar target categorisation and colocated radar, lidar and infrared radiometer measurements and their associated uncertainties. This joint radar-lidar mask results from the combination of the 2B-GEOPROF CloudSat radar mask and the L2 CALIPSO vertical feature mask. This merge mask includes some refinements based on the radar and lidar signal themselves and a specific phase descrimination technique. Details regarding the processing technique can be found in Delanoë and Hogan (2010).

The measurements are colocated within the CLOUDSAT footprints ( ~1.1 km ) and at a 60m vertical resolution between [ -1.02 km , 25.08 km ].

This product has been developed by Julien Delanoë (LATMOS, FRANCE/University of Reading, UK).


Delanoë, J., and R. J. Hogan, 2010: Combined CloudSat-CALIPSO-MODIS retrievals of the properties of ice clouds. J. Geophys. Res., 115, D00H29, doi:10.1029/2009JD012346.