This product provides the above cloud aerosol optical thickness, the Angström exponent, the aerosol single scattering albedo, the cloud optical thickness corrected for the effect of the overlapping absorbing aerosol and the instantaneous aerosol above cloud forcing in W.m-2. This product is given at a resolution of 6´6km2.

All variable with the prefix “AAC” and/or with the suffix “absorption_corrected” in the name belongs to this product.

This product is only available over dark ocean and over some dark land surfaces.

Main products and associated names :

AAC_AOT_absorption_correctedAerosol above cloud optical thickness corrected from aerosol absorption, at 490, 550, 670 and 865 nm
AAC_angstrom_absorption_correctedAngström exponent between 670 and 865 nm of aerosol above cloud corrected from aerosol absorption
AAC_SSAAerosol above cloud single scattering albedo, at 490, 550, 670 and 865 nm
AAC_COTCloud optical thickness corrected from the absorption of aerosol above cloud
AAC_FORCING_INSTANT_FORCINGAerosol above cloud instantaneous direct radiative forcing (W.m-2)
LatitudeGeodetic latitude
LongitudeGeodetic longitude

Recommendations: This is the best product in terms of accuracy in order to evaluate climate models (Peers et al., 2016, GRL) or to investigate the effects of above cloud aerosols on clouds properties (Deaconu et al., 2019). We recommend to use one additional quality filter, as described below.