Registration for computing resources

This page is intended for registered users who want to access ICARE computing resources (*: required fields). If you only want access to ICARE data, please use the Data Access registration form. Please note that access to ICARE computing resources is restricted to collaborative projects. You will be asked to indicate the framework of your request and an ICARE project referent.
After submission, you will receive an email confirmation and your request will be examined. If approved, you will received an email notification. Please note that since your IP address need to be validated by the network administrator, it may take a few days to process your request (usually 3 working days).
For more information on terms and conditions of this service, see details on the computer cluster page.
If you have any questions, contact us at

AERIS/ICARE Data and Services Policy

All AERIS/ICARE data and services are free of charge.
Users are encouraged to widely use them for research and application development. However, any publication using AERIS/ICARE data or services must properly credit both AERIS/ICARE and the original data providers (if applicable).

Publications must include the following sentence:

If you used data distributed by AERIS/ICARE:
"Data provided by [original provider*]. We thank the AERIS/ICARE Data and Services Center for providing access to the data used in this study."
Additionally, if you used other AERIS/ICARE services:
"We thank the AERIS/ICARE Data and Services Center for providing assistance OR providing development support OR data processing OR providing tools".

After publication, please provide your publication reference to the ICARE helpdesk at


* Depending on which data set you use, the original provider may be CNES, NASA, ESA, EUMETSAT, NOAA, ...
A complete list of all providers will be posted on the AERIS/ICARE web site soon in the "Data Policy" section.

I agree to the above terms and conditions