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Von Karman vortices off the Canary Islands

This remarkable phenomenon easily visible from satellite and called Von Karman vortices, occurs under particular conditions of wind and terrain relief. It is commonly observed downwind of the Canary Islands when sustained trade winds blow through the islands (from the northeast to the southwest). The island relief disrupts the air flow, deflecting it around on each side. As the air flow passes […]


Low-pressure system over the North Atlantic Ocean

Source:EUMETSAT/AERIS/SATMOS/ICARE Move the white slider to compare images The false color composite can be compared to the corresponding SEVIRI image at 6.7 microns that enhances water vapor content in mid- to upper-troposphere. Brighter gray shades indicate greater water vapor content (including clouds when relative humidity reaches 100%). Dark gray shades indicate dry air. Source:EUMETSAT/AERIS/SATMOS/ICARE Déplacer […]


Saharan dust gushes over Europe March 15, 2022

An exceptional amount of dust particles lifted by strong winds in the Sahara desert in Algeria traveled north across the Mediterranean Sea and reached Western Europe from March 15 through 18, 2022. Spain and France received especially high concentrations of dust, which brought brown-orange skies and strongly degraded air quality. The plume continued to travel […]


Tropical cyclones Batsirai and Emnati hit Madagascar – February 2022

The 2021–2022 Southwest Indian Ocean cyclone season is currently in full swing. Southern Africa and nearby islands of Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius are confronted with a very intense and deadly cyclone season, causing widespread damage and destruction, and displacing hundreds of thousands of people.The island of Madagascar was especially impacted as 4 of the first […]


Eruption of Hunga Tonga volcano in the South Pacific ocean January 15, 2022

This true-color image acquired by the Advanced Himawari Imager (AHI) on board Himawari (JMA) shows the thick round “umbrella” plume of ash rising high in the atmosphere and flattening upon reaching the tropopause. The coastlines of neighboring islands are drawn in the image, showing Tongatapu (the main island of the archipelago and host of the […]


Eruption of Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands September 2021

2021/09/30 The Multispectral Instrument (MSI) on board ESA/Copernicus’s Sentinel-2 satellite captured this high-resolution imagery on September 30, 2021. The image shows the path followed by the lava flow (yellow-red) to the ocean and the thick ash plume (grey-brown) spewed by the volcano. The hot lava is revealed in yellow (hottest part) and red by the […]


Giant wildfire in Northern California blazed uncontrollably for 2 months July-September 2021

The 2021 wildfire season in the Unites States was predicted to be yet another severe one. Sadly, the prediction was right. Last year’s season was unprecedented but this year was worse due to widespread dry conditions in the western United States and record heat in June that jumpstarted the fire season one month ahead of […]


Eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily February-March 2021

Terra/MODIS 2021/03/12 10:04 UTC On March 12, 2021, the MODIS sensors on board NASA’s Terra (top) and Aqua (middle) polar-orbiting satellites and VIIRS (bottom) on board NASA/NOAA’s Suomi/NPP satellite successively collected these true-color views of the ash plume streaming from the summit and transported eastwards. Thick volcanic ash cloud appears brown at lower altitude and […]


Saharan dust fall out over France and Europe February 2021

Three major dust events occurred in February 2021 over the Sahara. During those episodes, the right meteorological conditions were met to transport large amounts of dust over France and Europe, up to Sandinavia, which is unusual in such a short tome period. Those episodes were observed across Europe, as the sky strikingly turned orange and dust was deposited on cars and on the snowy slopes of the Pyrénées and the Alps.