How to convert a matplotlib
figure to a numpy a...

Language/Format: Python
Description: For manipulating a figure build with matplotlib, it is sometimes requested to convert it in a format understandable by other python libraries. This can be useful for using scipy image filters or manually adding annotations for example.
This page details how to convert a matplotlib figure to a numpy 3D array of RGBA values, or directly to a PIL ( Python Imaging Library ) Image.
Author(s): Nicolas Pascal (ICARE)

How to decode bit flags

Language/Format: Python
Description: It is often needed to extract bits values aggregated in higher size words, for example, for reading QA flags in CALIPSO or MODIS data. This page gives pieces of code and describes the way to do it.
Author(s): Nicolas Pascal (ICARE )

Display 2D data with Python

Language/Format: Python

Description: Gives an example for creating an image from 2D data with Python and the Matplotlib library. The data array is read from an HDF4 file.
Author(s): Nicolas Thomas ( ICARE )