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Combining observations from sensors on 5 different geostationary platforms, the AERUS-GEO project developed by CNRM and AERIS/ICARE allows to gain a global perspective of aerosol and surface properties at high temporal resolution. The image here illustrates the five GEO imagers used for the product and presents the daily average AOD obtained for August 31, 2020 showing a massive dust event blowing out of Sahara all across the Atlantic ocean. The AOD product is superimposed on a false color composite image derived from the surface albedo derived by AERUS-GEO for the corresponding period. Read more


The ICARE Thematic Center was created in 2003 by CNES, CNRS, the Nord-Pas-De-Calais Regional Council, and the University of Lille, to provide various services to support the research community in fields related to atmospheric research, such as aerosols, clouds, radiation, water cycle, and their interactions. ICARE’s initial emphasis is the production and distribution of remote sensing data derived from Earth observation missions from CNES, NASA, and EUMETSAT. One of ICARE’s main components is the Data and Services Center, located at the University of Lille, which develops science algorithms and production codes, building on the expertise from various partner Science Computing Facilities, and distributes products to the users community. ICARE is one of the 4 centers of AERIS, the French Data Infrastructure for Atmosphere created in 2014.
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