File format

Geostat: Navigation routines for some geostationary satellites ( METEOSAT, GOES, MSG )

Language/Sofware: C, Fortran
Application type(s): Data Read/Write
Related project(s): GOES, METEOSAT, MSG
A set of routines to compute latitudes, longitudes, azimutal and zenithal angles from rows and columns in the satellite grid (and the reverse)
Author(s): C wrapper : Fabrice Ducos ( ICARE – LOA – Univ. of Lille ) ; FORTRAN Library developped by SATMOS and supplied by Geneviève Sèze ( LMD )

Jul / 25 / 2012

Fis2raw: A tool to convert the FIS format (from the SATMOS, at Lannion) into a simple, headerless, raw binary file

Language/Sofware: C
Application type(s): Data Conversion
Related project(s): MSG
The FIS format is a data format provided in particular by the SATMOS Archivage Center, at Lannion (MSG data at Lannion are archived this way). The program fis2raw converts the FIS format into a raw, headerless, binary file. The number of values and their type may be retrieved while performing the conversion.
Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (ICARE – LOA – Univ. of Lille)