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hdfcpp: High level C++ library for reading HDF4 files

Language/Sofware: C++
Application type(s): Data Read/Write
Related project(s): CALIPSO, GLAS, GOES, METEOSAT, MODIS, MSG, Megha-Tropiques, PARASOL, POLDER
This library is a high level C++ wrapper for manipulating the HDF4 files in an object oriented way
Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (LOA), Nicolas Pascal (ICARE)

Feb / 25 / 2013

Parasolascii : A simple parser for the POLDER/PARASOL format

Language/Sofware: C
Application type(s): Data Conversion
Related project(s): PARASOL, POLDER
Displays the data from the PARASOL ( and POLDER ) binary files in plain text. You specify the data you want to be displayed, in the order you wish, and they will be extracted into columns (separated by tabulations) in this very order. You are then free to redirect the data into the tool of your choice (a plotter, a data filter, or an hand-made program). Of course, calls to parasolascii are scriptable
Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (ICARE – LOA)

Jul / 25 / 2012

Anapol: Visualization and Analysis of POLDER and PARASOL data through a graphical interface

Language/Sofware: IDL
Application type(s): Analysis, Visualization
Related project(s): PARASOL, POLDER
Anapol is an IDL graphical interface for POLDER and PARASOL data visualization and analysis.
The functionalities of the program are:
Selection of the region of interest, visualization of parameters, extraction of pixel value, creation of composites, histograms, etc
Author(s): Francois-Marie Bréon, Marie-Pierre Moine (LSCE)

Jul / 15 / 2012