Category of the tool

OpenMTP tools: Tools for reading and visualizing data in OpenMTP format ( METEOSAT )

Language/Sofware: C, Fortran, IDL
Application type(s): Data Read/Write, Extraction, Visualization
Related project(s): METEOSAT
It contains a list of tools for :
– mapping (lat,lon) coordinates to (i,j) pixel indexes and vice-versa
– data extraction
– data visualisation
Author(s): Antoinette Alias (ICARE), EUMETSAT

Jul / 25 / 2012

Hdf2img: Creation an image from a HDF4 SDS

Language/Sofware: Numpy, PIL, Python
Application type(s): Data Conversion, Visualization
Related project(s):
This application creates an image of a 2D HDF4 SDS. It supports different colormaps, min/max thresholding, scaling, fill value filtering…
Many output image formats are also supported.
Author(s): Nicolas Pascal (ICARE)

Anapol: Visualization and Analysis of POLDER and PARASOL data through a graphical interface

Language/Sofware: IDL
Application type(s): Analysis, Visualization
Related project(s): PARASOL, POLDER
Anapol is an IDL graphical interface for POLDER and PARASOL data visualization and analysis.
The functionalities of the program are:
Selection of the region of interest, visualization of parameters, extraction of pixel value, creation of composites, histograms, etc
Author(s): Francois-Marie Bréon, Marie-Pierre Moine (LSCE)

Jul / 15 / 2012