Language/Format: C
Application type(s): Data Conversion
Related project(s): MSG


xrit2raw converts HRIT_CYCLE file into a simple raw file ( a simple binary array of values with no header )

The XRIT format is one of the numerous formats in which MSG (METEOSAT SECOND GENERATION) data are provided. In order to let the user read easily the content of such files without bothering with a new format, xrit2raw converts it into a simple raw file (a simple binary array of values with no header). The raw file should be directly readable in DIRECT access in the language of your choice: C, Fortran, Matlab … with the proper datatype (integer 16 bits, real 32 or 64 bits, depending on what you chose at the conversion) and dimensions.

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xrit2raw [OPTIONS] xrit_file [output_raw_file] 
    xrit_file : the input file
    [output_raw_file] : name of the output file. If not given, it will be xrit_file .raw by default
    -P prologue_file
        saves the XRIT prologue into the raw file prologue_file (readable with the auxiliary tool read_seviri_prologue provided by this suite)
        displays some informations from the input file, namely the central longitude of the satellite and the calibration coefficients (no raw file will be created)
    -n segment
        extracts only one segment of 464 rows (between 1 and 8) (experimental, should not be used by most end-users)
        stores MSG counts (short integer) into the raw file (default behavior)
        stores MSG calibrated data as float into the raw file
        stores MSG calibrated data as double into the raw file
        displays the data type and dimensions of the raw array produced. Should always be used interactively.
    -F fill_value
        sets the default value, when no measure is available (for calibrated data only, not for integral counts), nan by default. For instance, use -F -999. to set the fill value to -999. (if the IEEE Not a Number default value is an issue)


Source can be downloaded here :


Package can be browsed here :




  • a C compiler


Build the application by running

> make all

If successfull, the directories :

  • bin will contain the tools read_seviri_prologue, read_xrit_header and xrit2raw
  • lib will contain the underlying libxrit.a library that can also be used directly

See Also

read_xrit library


Copyright (c) LOA/ICARE 2006-2011

Fabrice DUCOS

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Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (ICARE – LOA – Univ. of Lille)