Retirement of older CALIPSO Data Products

Several CALIPSO Lidar and IIR data products have been pulled off of public access and can no longer be ordered, neither at AERIS/ICARE, nor at NASA ASDC. These data products, spanning from June 13, 2006 to September 30, 2020, have been replaced with newer versions. Versions of these data products after October 1, 2020 are still available but will periodically be pulled off to maintain only the most recent 6-12 months of data at a time.

The decommissioned products versions include:

  • CAL_LID_L1-ValStage1-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L1-ValStage1-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L1-ValStage1-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L1-ValStage1-V3-40
  • CAL_LID_L2_01kmCLay-ValStage1-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L2_01kmCLay-ValStage1-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L2_01kmCLay-ValStage1-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L2_01kmCLay-ValStage1-V3-41
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmALay-Prov-V3-01 
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmALay-Prov-V3-02 
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmALay-Prov-V3-30 
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmALay-Prov-V3-40 
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmAPro-Prov-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmAPro-Prov-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmAPro-Prov-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmAPro-Prov-V3-40
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCLay-Prov-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCLay-Prov-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCLay-Prov-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCLay-Prov-V3-40
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCPro-Prov-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCPro-Prov-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCPro-Prov-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L2_05kmCPro-Prov-V3-40
  • CAL_LID_L2_333mCLay-ValStage1-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L2_333mCLay-ValStage1-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L2_333mCLay-ValStage1-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L2_333mCLay-ValStage1-V3-40
  • CAL_LID_L2_VFM-ValStage1-V3-01
  • CAL_LID_L2_VFM-ValStage1-V3-02
  • CAL_LID_L2_VFM-ValStage1-V3-30
  • CAL_LID_L2_VFM-ValStage1-V3-40
  • CAL_IIR_L1-Prov-V1-10
  • CAL_IIR_L1-Prov-V1-11
  • CAL_IIR_L1-Prov-V1-12
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Track-Beta-V3-01
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Track-Beta-V3-02
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Track-Beta-V3-30
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Track-Beta-V3-40
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Track-Beta-V3-45
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Swath-Beta-V3-01 
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Swath-Beta-V3-02 
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Swath-Beta-V3-30 
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Swath-Beta-V3-40 
  • CAL_IIR_L2_Swath-Beta-V3-45 

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