1st Circular 3rd International A-Train Symposium 19-21 April 2017, Pasadena, California

For over a decade, the A-Train Constellation has successfully collected a uniquely comprehensive environmental data set. The 3rd International A- Train Symposium will be an opportunity to learn and exchange information about A-Train scientific breakthroughs and to highlight how Earth science has benefited from the long, continuous, multi-sensor data set. The 3rd Symposium follows on previous A-Train Symposia held in Lille, France in 2007 and in New Orleans in 2010.

The A-Train satellites — Aqua (2002), Aura (2004), PARASOL (2004), CALIPSO (2006), CloudSat (2006), GCOM-W1 (2012) and OCO-2 (2014) — bring together a rich array of instruments and observing strategies to better understand Earth’s changing environment and climate. Combined measurements from the A-Train have enabled interdisciplinary studies that significantly advance our understanding of many complex and connected processes in the atmosphere, ocean, and land. The unprecedented extensive collection of measurements and geophysical products continues to grow in length and improve in quality, providing a valuable resource for improving and validating climate, weather and other environmental models. The multi- year dataset also provides the potential for longer-term studies, including analyses of inter-annual variability and long-term trends.

The Symposium will emphasize science capabilities and advancements realized from 10+ years’ worth of data gathered by the A-Train’s multi-sensor system. Particular emphasis will be placed on analyses of climatic trends and inter-annual variability. Morning plenary sessions will include invited keynote talks, while afternoon sessions will include selected oral talks and posters aligned with the four theme areas below:

  • Atmospheric composition and chemistry
  • Aerosol particles, clouds, radiation, and the hydrological cycle
  • Oceanic, terrestrial, and atmospheric components of the carbon cycle
  • Weather prediction and other operational applications

In the interest of expanding the Symposium’s main themes, we welcome abstracts for a special session devoted to scientific advancements realized by other constellations and A-Train-like synergistic methods, as well as future constellation concepts and opportunities.

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 is being considered for some ancillary mission-specific meetings, the topics of which will be announced at a later date. If you would like to attend, please factor this into your travel plans, as these will not be a part of the main symposium agenda.

The A-Train Symposium will be held on 19-21 April, 2017 in Pasadena, California, USA. A 2nd Circular, which will be distributed in Fall 2016, will contain specific information on Symposium location, hotels, registration and abstract submission. While the Symposium is open, prospective participants are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts. Only a limited number of opportunities will be available for afternoon oral presentations, but poster sessions are planned to be a key part of the Symposium.

Please join us as we take this opportunity to enhance our understanding of the capabilities of the A-Train and learn of its successes.


The A-Train Symposium Organizing Committee

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