The Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) at NASA Langley Research Center in collaboration with the CALIPSO mission team announces the release of a new data product CAL_LID_L2_PSCMask-Prov-V1-00
This new ensemble CALIPSO Lidar Level-2 Polar Stratospheric Cloud (PSC) data product describes the spatial distribution and optical properties of PSC layers observed by the CALIPSO lidar. The product contains profiles of PSC presence, composition, optical properties, and meteorological information along CALIPSO orbit tracks. Data from all nighttime orbit segments from a single day are reported on a 5-km (horizontal) by 180-m (vertical) grid. This new product is available beginning with data date June 13, 2006 (start of the mission).

+ More information about the CALIPSO products at ASDC

+ Access to CALIPSO products from the ICARE on-line archive