System relocation operations

Final update (May 6, 2015)

The relocation of our computing facility is now over since April 29. We moved 9 tons of equipment and reconnected 360 cables!
All systems are up and running and ICARE services are available.

We experienced residual problems with a few disks that were resolved on May 6.
If you have any questions, please contact us at
We thank you for your patience during the move.

Status update #3 (April 27, 2015)

Maintenance operations in process. Isolated downtime of some services are expected until April 29, 2015
No incidents occurred last week. All hardware that was moved to our new computer room was brought back up successfully.
Relocation operations resume this week starting Monday, April 27.
More disruptions are expected, with impact on user services including access64, the IDL 8 license server, and several filesystems. Home directories on access32 and access64 (/home/users) will be temporarily unavailable on Monday morning, then accessible only from access32. FS104 through FS109, FS125 through FS135, /work_users and /scratch will be unavailable until some time Tuesday, April 28. All servers and disks should be back up and running by COB Tuesday, April 28.
The next step (expectedly Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning), filesystems FS110 through FS118 will be brought down. At that time, the ftpush service will be non operational. All servers and disks should be back up by COB Wednesday, April 29.

Status update #2 (April 17, 2015)

More hardware is being moved today which makes the FTP service temporarily unavailable.
More disruptions are expected this afternoon with impact on the computing cluster (access32 and access64) and some filesystem (FS020 through FS027, and FS119 through FS124).
Normal operations should resume by the end of the day until Tuesday, April 21, 9 am CEST (UTC +2:00).

Status update #1 (April 13, 2015)

Maintenance operations in process. Isolated downtime of some services are expected until April 24, 2015
This is a status update regarding the relocation of our computing facility.
We began moving the hardware as planned but we had to put the move on hold due to hardware failure on some components of the system, including the internal network. As an emergency backup plan, we bypassed the faulty elements to resume operations. All systems are up and running, with degraded network performance on some machines and some disks though, except for the 32-bit cluster that remains completely unavailable.
We also experienced disruptions in collecting and/or processing some data sets including SEVIRI, SAPHIR and ScaRaB since April 1. Processing of the backlog will begin soon.
Maintenance operations are planned early this week and should allow us to be back to normal operations by the end of the week. At that time, we will be able to resume moving hardware and hopefully complete the relocation process by April 24.
As explained in the original announcement, we try to minimize downtime by moving hardware element by element while keeping the rest of the system up and running as much as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Additional notice #2 (March 17, 2015)

Notice to users of the ICARE, ORAURE, ROSEA, and CaPPA web sites
We expect minor disruptions on March 30 and April 1st, 2015 on the following web sites while we move the web server:
During the downtime, the home page will switch automatically to a temporary status page. Please keep in mind that data access through web services will be subject to more significant disruptions.

Additional notice #1 (March 10, 2015)

Disposal of the old server “access”
A few users are still using the old server “”. We would like to inform them that we will not reboot it after the move and we urge them to make arrangements to stop runs and transfer scripts if necessary to the new server. As a reminder, the cluster (2 frontends named access32 and access64) replaces the old machine since early 2014. See our mail from 7 February, 2014 or visit the web site:

Request for discontinuation of data push to ICARE
this concerns our data providers pushing data to ICARE for the following projects: ORAURE ROSEA CaPPA CALIPSO. We kindly ask you to interrupt the push at anytime on March 29, 2015. We will let you know when data push can resume.

Initial notice (Feb. 28, 2015)

Scheduled computer hardware relocation from March 30 through April 10, 2015
We need to relocate our computing facility to a larger room in the same building for future system expansion. This is also an opportunity to install our equipment on a sturdier floor and to improve air cooling using a cabinet aisle containment solution.
The move is planned to stretch over 2 weeks, starting on Monday, March 30, through Friday, April 10, 2015. All ICARE services (web, FTP, archive, computing resources…) will be down at some point during that timeframe, but in order to reduce the disruption, each piece of hardware will be moved one at a time and brought back up, so downtime of any service should be under one day.
We will start the move with the shutdown of the web server on March 30, 2015, at 9:30 am CET (UTC +1:00). The ICARE home page will switch automatically to a temporary status page.
Any updates regarding the move will be posted on this page
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Any questions?
Feel free to contact us if you have any question or concern regarding the move.

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