HDF Reader: HDF4 files read
library in many lan...

Language/Sofware: C, Fortran, Fortran77, Fortran90, IDL, MATLAB, Python
Application type(s): Data Read/Write
Related project(s):
The library contains high-level read functions for HDF4 files in C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, IDL, Python and MATLAB
Author(s): Bruno Six, Nicolas Pascal, Aminata Ndiaye (ICARE) ; Francois-Marie Breon (IPSL-LSCE)

Caliop2ascii: A code to output
caliop data on A...

Language/Sofware: C, C++
Application type(s):
Related project(s): CALIPSO
A new version of calipso2ascii is also available. The latest version allows to decode the values of the specific fields of SDS (“Feature_Classification_Flags”) available on most of HDF products
Author(s): François Thieuleux

Parasolascii : A simple parser
for the POLDER/P...

Language/Sofware: C
Application type(s): Data Conversion
Related project(s): PARASOL, POLDER
Displays the data from the PARASOL ( and POLDER ) binary files in plain text. You specify the data you want to be displayed, in the order you wish, and they will be extracted into columns (separated by tabulations) in this very order. You are then free to redirect the data into the tool of your choice (a plotter, a data filter, or an hand-made program). Of course, calls to parasolascii are scriptable
Author(s): Fabrice Ducos (ICARE – LOA)

OpenMTP tools: Tools for
reading and visualizin...

Language/Sofware: C, Fortran, IDL
Application type(s): Data Read/Write, Extraction, Visualization
Related project(s): METEOSAT
It contains a list of tools for :
– mapping (lat,lon) coordinates to (i,j) pixel indexes and vice-versa
– data extraction
– data visualisation
Author(s): Antoinette Alias (ICARE), EUMETSAT

Hdf tools : HDF4 data format
conversion tools

Language/Sofware: C
Application type(s): Data Conversion
Related project(s): Megha-Tropiques
This package contains some tools for manipulating HDF4 files :
– hdf2raw : write a HDF4 SDS to a binary file
– raw2hdf : write a 2D binary data to a HDF4 file
– ncf2hdf : convert a NETCDF file to an HDF one
Author(s): Bruno Six, Jacques Descloitres, Nicolas Pascal (ICARE)