Category of the tool

Remap: A reprojection tool of geolocated data between various grids

Language/Sofware: C, C++
Application type(s): Reprojection
Related project(s): CALIPSO, MODIS, MSG
Remap is a tool designed to reproject geolocated data (i.e. data with at least known latitudes, longitudes, and expectedly, time).
The tool can read various products and reprojects one (or several ones) into another, using a nearest pixel search.
This tool is SID (still in development) but may be used as is for the supported products (each version documents its supported products).
At this time, CALIPSO IIR, SEVIRI, MODIS and PARASOL are supported.
Author(s): Fabrice DUCOS (ICARE – LOA, Univ. de Lille)

Jul / 25 / 2012