A joint workshop of the NASA/CNES CALIPSO, NASA/CSA CloudSat and the ESA/JAXA EarthCARE satellite missions will be held in Paris, France, 18-22 June 2012. CALIPSO is a joint NASA/CNES satellite mission and CloudSat a joint NASA/CSA satellite mission. They have been in operation since 2006 as part of the A-Train constellation of satellites. CALIPSO and CloudSat are collecting information about the vertical profiles of clouds and aerosols and contribute to improve our understanding of the role they play in regulating the Earth’s climate. EarthCARE is a joint ESA/JAXA satellite mission scheduled for launch in 2015. It will collect global observations of clouds, aerosols and radiation with comparable instrumental capabilities. The workshop aims at reviewing the current status and future developments of these missions.

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